Return of the Antichrist-Blog

“What can I do for you today?”

This is Patrick Heron from The Emerald Isle. Today I begin my first Blog. I hope this will be an addition to you as a pilgrim journeying through this short life. I look forward to your comments as we tread this narrow path together.

See you soon,

Patrick Heron


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  1. I’m excited you’re beginning a blog! You have a lot of knowledge to share! Thanks so much!

  2. Hey, I look forward to your blogs! Shalom. Jay from BC Canada

  3. Patrick, There is a beast that comes out of the sea and a beast that comes out of the earth that makes and image of the beast from the sea that was wounded. Then there is the beast of the abyss that kills the two witnesses and reeks havoc upon the earth. There are at least 3 beasts and probably more. The beast from the abyss is an angel. What about the image of the beast? Clone of Nimrod? Hybrid?

  4. Patrick,
    Looking forward to reading your daily “Inspirations”! We have been following your ministry the past few years. Recently caught your interviews with LA Marzulli and look forward to this Friday’s airing on VFTB – View from The Bunker with Derek Gilbert. Would be great forum to have you, LA, Russ Dizdar, and Tom Horn speaking at the same conference state side!
    Sam and Alice Miller

  5. Congratulations Patrick for your first blog, which I think is a wonderful idea. I myself have started also a blog a few weeks ago about Bible matters (it is in spanish). God bless you!

  6. Alan Graveen

    Thank you Patrick for writing such a revealing book ‘ The Return of the Antichrist and the New World Order’ and showing us what is soon to come upon our planet!! Come Quickly Lord Jesus!!!

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