Who exactly are The Nephilim?

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This is a bit of a thorny topic as most folks believe the Nephilim are the offspring of the fallen angels which were giants. I disagree.

When researching the Word, one must take into account several things regarding the word or phrase or topic under scrutiny. The word ‘nephilim’ was translated in the KJV as giants, because, I assume, they did not know what the word meant. Hence everyone thinks that the Nephilim are the hybrid offspring of spirits and humans which were giants.

But the Hebrew word ‘nephilim’ literally means ‘the fallen ones’. I contend that these were the fallen angels themselves, the sons of God, who fell from grace, fell from Heaven and fell to earth. Hence, ‘the fallen ones’. Nephilim.

But let us widen the study from Genesis 6. We are discussing fallen angels here. So to better understand our quest, we look at many of the places in Scripture and the Book of Enoch where it speaks  of angels falling from Heaven to earth. This will provide a ‘scope’ of the topic of fallen angels and better inform us. To save time, I shall list these off quickly:

“How art thou fallen from Heaven O Lucifer…” Isa 14:12

“I beheld Satan as lightening fall to earth…” Luke 10:18

“I saw a star (angel) fall from Heaven onto the earth…” Rev.9:1

“And the stars (angels) of Heaven fell unto the earth as figs falling…” Rev.6:13

“Behold a star fell from Heaven…” Book of Enoch 86:1

“I saw many stars fall and cast themselves from Heaven…” Enoch 86:3

“He seized the first star that had fallen from the Heavens…” Enoch 88:1

“The seven heads are seven kings…five have fallen, one is and the other is not yet come…” Rev.17:9,10

(That is, these seven are Nephilim. This is why it says ‘five are fallen’ because they are ‘fallen angels’).

So the interesting thing to notice here is that everywhere it talks of  angels coming from Heaven to earth, it uses the words ‘fall’ or ‘fallen’ to describe the event. This is not a coincidence. This is the proper usage of words by the Holy Spirit to communicate an idea.

God could have used other words such as descended; alighted; came down; landed; flew down; appeared etc. But He did not. He uses the word ‘fallen’. This gives us the overall picture regarding evil angels falling to earth and ties us back to the Nephilim of Genesis 6; the ‘fallen ones’. I know some will say that the Greek Septuagint translates this word as ‘gigantes’. But Greek was not in existence and only came along way after the events of Genesis 6 which was a mere 800 to 1,000 years or so after Adam and Eve in the garden.

So we must defer to the inspiried Word of God for direction and this informs us that those evil spirit men who manifested on earth way back in the dim, distant past on Mount Hermon were the Nephilim; the fallen ones. Thus there is a reason why Genesis 6:4 says:

“The Nephilim were ON THE EARTH in those days…”

The inference being that prior to this they were not on the earth. They were in Heaven and had not yet left their ‘first estate’.

So let us be technically and grammatically accurate when we speak of the evil fallen angels. These are the Nephilim who became the heroes of old, the men of renown in Greek and Roman mythology which speaks of the exploits of these gods of legend. Sure it speaks of the giants also. But these were a mere sideshow compared to the supernatural, powerful spiritual beings who manifested on planet earth in plain sight and caused all the sin and violence in those days which filled the earth with bloodshed and precipitated the Flood.

And, “as it was in the days of Noah…so shall it be”.


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  1. Great material! Thank you so much for this BLOG!

    Kevin J.

  2. Patrick….Thanks for making a point out of this issue regarding the Fallen Angels…I had always assumed the Nephilim where the off spring of the mating process and demons where the spirits of the dead from that time…. the interpretation of the 7 Hills is a new thought to consider also.

  3. Very nice. Look forward to more.

  4. Hello Patrick and blessings to you from San Diego, California. I usually do not chime in on blog. discussions, but due to the fact that I have studied this fascinating subject matter for nearly 10 years now and have read your book (which I liked a great deal by the way), The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse, I feel compelled to do so.

    I respectively disagree with the position that the Nephilim are the actual fallen angels themselves and not the offspring. I believe that Genesis 6:4 records these unprecedented and very dark events in such a clear manner as to clearly distinguish between the three groups that are the principle players here:

    There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare [children] to them, the same [became] mighty men which [were] of old, men of renown.

    #1 The fallen angels – sons of God: Hebrew, “benei ha Elohim.”
    #2 The daughters of men (adam); Hebrew “benoth adam.”
    #3 The giants who were the “mighty men” and “men of renown.” Hebrew, “nephilim” and “gibborim” for mighty men, which the Nephilim eventually became through their many mighty, although very wicked, deeds.

    The giants or Nephilim were “in” or “on the earth” because the sons of God and daughters of Adam had procreated and brought them forth during that time and “also after that” ie. after the flood. I cannot fathom how the text is referring to the actual fallen angels themselves only being on the earth at that time since we know that satan had already fallen and tempted Eve in Genesis 3, at least several hundred years prior to these events in Gen. 6 (800-1,000 years before in your estimation). And if satan had seduced one third of the angelic host to follow him in his rebellion, are we to assume that neither he nor they had bothered to touch down on Earth until Gen 6? He was already in the Garden of Eden in Gen. 3, so this could not be the case.

    Also, to assume that the KJV translators did not know or understand the actual meaning of the word nephilim I find a bit naïve, especially coming from such a well read and researched author as yourself. I personally believe that whosoever the KJV translators were, they must have been men and or women of remarkable knowledge and understanding of the original Hebrew text (received text) that was used as the basis for the most important and impactful book to ever be translated into the English language in the history of the planet. Not to mention their passion, commitment and fortitude to seeing the entire Old and New Testaments recorded as faithfully as humanly possible, under the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit so that future generations could read God’s Holy Words in their own and understandable language. So that we could read and understand the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. Whoever they were, they should be commended for their outstanding work that has endured to this generation. The art of translating one language to another in an accurate manner is far more elaborate and problematic than many realize, far beyond my qualifications. For this, I salute and thank God for them since without their efforts, you and I may not be having this discussion.

    With that said, the nephilim were indeed giants or titans as the Greeks called them. So, the translation is accurate, even though once one goes back to the original Hebrew word, a fuller and more elaborate picture and meaning is to be discovered.
    As far as I have learned, the word nephilim, which is the plural for nephal, can have the following meanings when considering the context of the text in Gen 6:

    The Strong’s number for nephilim or nephal is 5303. So, when looking up this reference number in the Gesenius’ Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon one can find the following definitions:

    -falling on or to attack
    -fallers, rebels, apostates.
    It can also mean (from 5307)
    -to become a ruin
    -to fall to the ground or to fail
    -to fall to the ground as from heaven.
    -a living abortion

    The word nephal is made from the Hebrew letters nun-pay-lamed, which pictographically means, “to speak control over life” (See Lost in Translation Volume 1: Rediscovering the Hebrew Roots of our Faith by John Klein and Adam Spears).
    With this in mind, I believe that what satan is trying to do, or at least one of his dark goals is to make creatures (nephilim) in his own image and not God’s since a nephal is not a creation of God, but a perversion of His creations and thus, try and control mankind therewith. To entrap and manipulate man away from the freedom God had intended for us since the dawn of time. Deception and domination of God’s favorite creation (mankind) is the name of the game for the devil.

    We should also consider the only other place where the actual word nephilim appears, and that is in Numbers 13: 33 (here it appears twice):

    And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.

    So, as we can read, the Israelite spies actually “saw” the nephilim. This is significant. Unless one is assuming that fallen angels were walking the streets and patrolling the battlements of the cites of ancient Caanan in plain visible sight of these men, (a possibility I will grant, although highly improbable I think), I believe we must conclude that the spies were referring to the nephilim as actual physical giants that could be seen, heard and interacted with (to ones own peril) and not to spiritual angels that are almost always invisible to human eyes.

    In any event, these are my thoughts on this engrossing, though quite difficult subject matter. Hope that I have not rambled on too much, but I do feel every aspect of this type of material should be closely scrutinized and considered since I have found that it is very easy to concoct various theories regarding the nephilim and their origins without staying true to what the scriptures are actually saying on this matter. So many have gone off on wild and crazy tangents that are honest mistakes at best, and at worst, complete heresy.

    Thank you for your time and attention and I look forward to your further thoughts.

    Fight the good fight…
    Keep the faith…

    Yours in Jesus Christ,


  5. i first heard of you when you did a coast to coast,about youre first book the nephilim.now all we got to do is get george saved!

  6. Excellent! Thanks for sharing, as I believe it will be crucial for believers to have this knowledge in the very near future.

  7. The problem with this view is that the ancient Hebrews who translated the Hebrew scriptures into Greek for the Septuagint version into Greek also translated Nephilim as giants. Are you saying they were wrong too?

  8. I am so glad that you have been led to do a blog. I look forward to seeing what the the Spirit will do with it. I pray that it will be a great resource for believers and Truth seekers and open the eyes of non believers and “stumble upon-ers”. God Bless You. The Father’s Provision, The Son’s Peace, The Spirit’s Power!

  9. To Rob and Patrick,

    Great discussion and respectful as well. I do appreciate the back and forth with pertinent points on the areas of disagreement. This is the way to have debate on topics.

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