Just got this and it made me cry.

Valerie Emihl

10 minutes ago

Valerie Emihl

  • I have been consumed by your book, “Return of the Antichrist and The New World Order,” since it arrived, and now I have finished reading it. For the first time. No doubt, my desire is to re-read it again and again. To say that the book is fascinating is an understatement, for the subject at hand has grave and eternal consequences.
     I have read hundreds of fascinating books, but I say here unequivocally that this book has been “the” most profound and captivating of them all. Patrick, I commend your years of meticulous work and research, as well as for a talented writing style which is comfortable and understandable to the reader. Your touches of wry humor in places were most welcomed, as it made me feel that “yeah, this guy is one of us” and not some lofty scholar consumed with self-importance and speaking over our heads. The best part about the book is that it addresses head on the questions & confusions I have carried for a long time. I now understand how my questions & confusions came to be in the first place.
     The book documents everything with Scripture. It corrects errors in translation from the original texts, errors which I consider to be a fundamental blunder on the part of the church through the ages. I greatly appreciated being introduced to the “lost” Book of Enoch. In this regard, your book is extremely timely in this age of “increased knowledge” and of mysteries now unveiled. All my questions have been answered, and all my skepticisms have been put to rest. Having read your book makes re-reading the Bible ever more understandable because of the accompanying context.
    It is abundantly clear that your sincere and sole aim is to reach as many souls as possible before the Rapture. God bless you!! Everyone needs to read this book. Skeptics and unbelievers would be better served by reading this book first, as I have no doubt that it will lead them to reading the Bible for the first time, if not with “new eyes.” I am going to purchase many more copies of your book and pass them out in lieu of standard gifts, as what better way is there to show love than to care about the eternal state of another’s soul? Patrick, thank you so very much for this book. Perhaps, like Esther, you were born for a time “such as this.”
    see http://www.neph.ie for links

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  1. Patrick listened to coast to coast have a couple of questions, I can accept the anti christ as having the spirit of apollo, yet if he is going to imitate Christ Jesus he must be man as well, and Babylon must have 7 hills which traditions says this is Rome, would appreciate your comments

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